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The Unispan/Flat slab flooring system consists of a series of 75mm – 150mm thick precast, prestressed concrete slabs with a reinforced concrete topping. This composite construction allows clear spans of up to 8 .0 metres.

Unispan is easily adapted to any floor plan and individual slab widths can be custom made to suit individual requirements.


Most contractors agree that Unispan is a simple form of construction. Slabs are typically 1200mm or 2400mm wide.


Unispan is easily adapted to any floor plan and individual slab widths can be custom made to suit individual requirements. Service holes can be allowed for in the slabs. Please check with your nearest Stresscrete branch first.

Surface Finish

The slabs are cast on a steel mould and the soffit is flat, this means that Unispan may be left untreated, painted or decoratively sprayed to match colour schemes. Painted surfaces may require a thin plaster coat.


Unispan slab strength = 40 MPa at 28 days.

Topping = minimum 25 MPa at 28 days (as required by NZS 3101:2006).

Fire resistance rating

Standard Unispan can provide up to a 1 .0 hour FRR.

Sound transmission

A major practical benefit of a concrete floor is its ability to reduce noise transmission . Unispan concrete floors are quiet and do not creak with temperature and moisture changes.


Cantilevered balconies and decks can be created by using Unispan to form the soffit of the slab.


Unispan slabs must be handled and stacked at two points, by, or directly beside, the lifting eyes.


It is recommended that Unispan slabs be seated 75mm onto the supporting walls/beams and bedded on wet mortar or plastic bearing strips to ensure an even bearing at the correct level.

Further technical information

Specifications for the manufacture, transport and erection of Unispan, and standard details for typical situations, are available from your nearest Stresscrete branch. Experienced and qualified staff will be pleased to discuss design and fixing details.