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Stresscrete Shell Beam floors are an innovative answer to one of the oldest problems – how to speed up and simplify floor construction without compromising effective engineering and building practice. They can be used in ductile moment resisting frames, and offer many advantages in building construction.

Stresscrete Shell Beams can be used in ductile moment resisting frames. They offer many advantages in building construction:

  • Midspan propping can be eliminated to reduce dead load continuity moments and reinforcing steel congestion at beam to column joints.
  • Less skilled labour is required onsite.
  • Factory production ensures dimensional accuracy and a specified surface finish.
  • Delivery can be guaranteed to a mutually agreed schedule.
  • Precast units can be speedily erected and provide a tidy, uncluttered and safe working area.
  • Units are maintenance free and fire resistant.
  • Competitive and proven pricing for large and small scale building projects throughout New Zealand.

Further technical information

Free technical information with recommendations for the manufacture, transportation, erection and execution of ancillary work (topping etc) for Shell Beams, is available from Stresscrete.